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Thank you for switching to a 100% Black Owned Nail Brand. We're humbled by your support of our small business. Now, go get his card and run it up!

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You'll Do You Better.

There is literatly nothing worse than cracked, chipped or broken nails. No More Of That!


for personal & professional use

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Shop the look

Shop the look

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The packaging is everything! I didn't even want to open my kit lol It gave very much bad bish energy!


This should never be this easy. I loveeeee my nails! I can't believe I did this myself.

Morgan G.

The best Dip Powders. The colors are 🔥! I'm buying all of them! You did that sis

Janet B.

I never leave reviews but this is different. The box came with everything in it. Marcia was so helpful and walked me through everything. The first few nails came out looking crazy lol but she was there to answer all my annoying question. Customer service alone 10 stars.

Neeka Love

Shipping was fast! I ordered my stuff on Tuesday and everything came on Thursday!! The polygel is easy to work with It's great for beginners. I've been recommening it to all my friends.

Jessica Morales

My nails are much stronger since using my kit. I love all the colors but the shade baby girl is my favorite.


I used to pay $50 + tip to get my nails to look like this. Nothing too crazy. Just a simple overlay because my nails are always breaking. This is it for me! The colors are a vibe. Queen is the ONE. Okay!! lol

Antonia E.

Support Black Brands. Period. I can't wait to see this bloom. <3

Kim CarCashian

Celebrating OUR History

Check Out Our Custom Made Dip Powders Inspired By African American Vernacular English (AAVE).

Taking Self-Care To A Whole 'Nother Level

Handmade Goddess Bath Salts and Pedi-Spa Treatments Dropping Soon 🖤

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